What is a night light

Between diaper changes and midnight, parents of children are awake at all times of the night. And if you’ve ever tried changing diapers or looking for a vibe in the moonlight, you’ll know how important the right night light is.


 Night Light Hatch Baby Rest is a night light and sound machine and combines two main instruments. This dual feature ensures that you can see what you will do if you need to go to the nursery, but it also helps the baby to fall asleep if you do not take care of them. Colorful night Light also uses scientifically proven light colors to promote healthy circadianos and melanin production.

Star Sky Night Lamp ANTEQI Baby Lights

       The Star Sky night lamp is easy to use. It has 2 energy options; The 4 AAA batteries, which you have to buy separately, and the 59-inch USB option. In addition, it has a time control from 5 to 95 minutes, which is easy to choose.

      When it comes to color, you get white light, blue, green, red, or multicolor combinations, and the ability to slowly rotate the entire screen makes every aspect worthwhile. The white light is a little brighter than the others; so the best light for the care of your baby.

Also, we offer spiderman night light for children.


  • The bulb doesn’t get hot
  • Variable display options
  • Use it right from the box
  • Lights the entire room
  • 2 power options – batteries and AC


  • 95 minutes maximum is short for some parents
  • Fuzzy sky night in some lamps
  • The USB cable is shorter

AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light

         Extended features make AnanBros the best baby night light. You can set the timer to 999 minutes and continue to control lighting and timing with a remote control of approximately 10 m (10 feet). In contrast to other lamps, the star and moon projections have a higher resolution with a 360 style rotation. At night, you get impressive colour options, a quiet night’s sleep for your baby.

         What we found even more surprising are the pleasant lullabies that this remote-controlled night light has. Essentially, it contains 12 carefully selected cuts that your baby can start with before going to bed. With an exchangeable 128 MB memory card, you can load more and more lullabies.


  • High quality music on the pre-installed SD card
  • The stars appear bright on the ceiling and walls
  • The combination of rotating light and music keeps babies calm
  • The remote control makes it easy to use


  • Some customers have complained about the engine – stop turning or generate a loud buzzing sound
  • Other customers received products that only worked once – faulty batches
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