Sweet quotes for wife

In contact with love, the sweet words of love flow because love is life, what is the skill in painting, without it it doesn’t matter, it makes it more beautiful. So, for your happiness, a little sense of life is always good and brings joy and happiness into your life as a couple.

Sweet quotes for her

Best Sweet quotes for wife

  1. “I was nothing before you, I am nothing without you. I feel alive with you, but without you, survival is no longer possible, stay with me for life, I love you! “-Eden
  2. “I looked up at the sky and I saw an angel who looked at me and asked me if this is my wish, I replied please take care of the person who is reading this message because I love. “-Eden
  3. “I stuck in English, but I can tell you “I miss you”, I stuck in math, but I know how much I miss you, I stuck in biology, but I know That you are my heart“-Eden
  4. “You are the sun that illuminates my life. Waking up in the morning, waking up with you in a world where life is always good, you are my joy. “-Eden
  5. “I want you to be against me, to feel the sweetness of your skin, and in a great stir, to speak to you with love without rest. “-Eden
  6. “I love your eyes; your eyes are mixed with love and iron. I love your eyes, your eyes meet love and hell. “-Eden
  7. “I have always been told that love at first sight only happens once in a lifetime, but that is wrong, because whenever I look at you I love at first sight. “-Eden
  8. “The sweetest life is like the surface of a calm wave that the fall of a flower doubles. “-Eden
  9. “A woman can be gentle, she can be good, she can have all her qualities, but she can’t be moderate, we don’t calm down in the wind. “-Eden
  10. “Among the sweetest women, there is no forgiveness. “-Eden
  11.  “A sweet friendship is better than a light love. “-Eden
  12. “The sweetest consolation of extreme pain is the freedom to complain. “-Eden
  13. “The apples on the other side of the wall are the sweetest. “-Eden
  14. “A sweet song that my mother sang to me, I heard while sucking my thumb while sleeping. “-Eden
  15. “We live on love and fresh water” is a beautiful expression of love at this time, please leave the water for this flower and give me your heart … “-Eden
  16. “I want to be the sun of your days, the moon of your nights, the tears of your eyes, the cure for your pain, the smile of your happiness and the only person in your life. “-Eden
  17. “You have grace to turn my heart, and because of me there is the sound of magic. You have a look to scare the heartbreakers, and a smile to decorate my seasons. “-Eden
  18. “My dear, the one you love, I send you these lovely little words that will keep you thinking about me, one by one.”-Eden
  19. “The cold is in the sky and on my head, but not in my heart. There is an eternal April in which you are at dawn. End of year, not love: I love you. .”-Eden
  20. “I love you more than my sweet life, more than anything in the world I love you dearly, dearly.”-Eden
  21. “If I were a tear, I would be born of your eyes and caress your cheeks, and die on your lips.-Eden
  22. “Be my love, be my attention, be my sweetheart. Help me, my good, and my happiness. “-Eden
  23. “From the sweetest pain to crime, there is often only one step to take.-Eden
  24. “Life in the world is like cream, both cold and sweet.-Eden
  25. “The holy wrath of sweet souls.-Eden
  26. “The sweetest life is like the surface of a calm wave that the fall of a flower doubles.-Eden
  27. “Among the sweetest women, there is no forgiveness.-Eden
  28. “The sweetest consolation of extreme pain is the freedom to complain.-Eden
  29. “Happiness is when you get laughter and orgasm from the same person.-Eden
  30. “The sweater retains its scent, I can believe it. My eyes have kept the shine of his teeth; my skin has kept the softness of his hands on my neck and cheeks. “-Eden
  31. “At some point everyone meets the person who will change everything forever.”-Eden
  32. “Spending time with people who make you smile can literally do the best thing in your life.”-Eden
  33. “You need to know the wrong friends to know who is right and who is valuable.”-Eden
  34. “You make every bad day a good day and every good day a great day for me.”-Eden
  35. “Even though I bother you a lot, you have always been my best mother.”-Eden
  36. “I wish I was as good a mother to my child as you are to me.”-Eden
  37. “Even if my words are not clear, you always understand me. I love you for that.”-Eden
  38. “Mom, you are the most important person in my life, I will give everything for you.”-Eden
  39. “Every day I thank God for sending me the sweetest mother on earth. I wish he would keep you safe forever.”-Eden
  40. “Dear father, it was not always easy for you. Always took care of us even in difficult times. Time to say thank you for that today!”-Eden
  41. “There are many mothers here on earth, but God told me I should be the best.”-Eden
  42. “A view about your day because I like you so much! Stay on your way because you are the best!”-Eden
  43. “You are just the best dad. I’m really lucky to have you.”-Eden
  44. “You are the sun that illuminates my life. Waking up in the morning, waking up with you in a world where life is always good, you are my joy.”-Eden
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