Romantic quotes for him

Are you looking for love quotes to dedicate to your boyfriend? Browse our sentences and you will find a full selection of the most beautiful quotes for love. I offer a collection of love sentences for him. Related topics include love phrases for her, beautiful love quotes, I love you and quotes to add sweet and romantic quotes.

Romantic quotes for him

Best Romantic quotes for him

  1. “I can’t see the stars in the sky tonight, and to say that at least if you were there you wouldn’t even need the moon! “-Eden
  2. “I can’t do without you my desires are innumerable, you are the biggest dream come true … “-Eden
  3. “When I meet your eyes, I look at the sky, the joy of being free from the world, and I feel like flying in joy … “-Eden
  4. “It’s great to think of you, it’s better to talk to you, but to love you is the most beautiful of your emotions you can live with. “-Eden
  5. “Slowly I think of you, infinitely I miss you, I just love you, now and forever! “-Eden
  6. “One evening I stopped under a dark sky, I found you, one of the most beautiful people, and I found you. Then I turned to the Lord and I said to him: Please, don’t let this star fall, take it and engrave your name on it, because I will never leave it! “-Eden
  7. “But I always feel like you’re there, even when it’s hard, you don’t go, even with your teeth you’ll fight … always, with me, and you don’t leave me Will … my love … I love you! “-Eden
  8. “Remember that wherever I go, I will leave an unbroken mark of my love for you so that everyone will know that I love you! “-Eden
  9. “When you are close to me, my eyes see the slightest stretch of neutral and soft white clouds … and I realize that I am in heaven and death does not frighten me at this time … “-Eden
  10. “If the stars looked at us, they would realize that the most beautiful of them shines on the earth with me! “-Eden
  11. “I imagine your beautiful eyes, and I still see all the stars of the firm … “-Eden
  12. “Wherever I go my breath will be full of you, and in my heart you will always be the spark that will keep it alive … and we will always be together! “-Eden
  13. “I want you more and more every day that passes, because I love you more every day! What would you say except that you are my spring that blooms even in winter? “-Eden
  14. “The most beautiful quotes of love are when you say “love” to me without saying. And it stays in front of your eyes. “-Eden
  15. “I will send you a kiss with the wind and I know you will feel it. You will return without seeing me but I will be there. “-Eden
  16. “I want your year to be born in your eyes, make a beautiful journey on your face, and then die on your lips … “-Eden
  17. “I chose you. And I will choose you again and again. In the blink of an eye, without a pause, without doubt. I will keep choosing you. “-Eden
  18. “Only twice have I wanted to be with you. Now and forever. “-Eden
  19. “The beauty of being with you is that you make me feel at home without moving. “-Eden
  20. “I wrote that I love you on the ice but the rays of the sun melted it, I wrote that I love you on a dead tree and the tree has grown! “-Eden
  21. “We look like two perfect strangers, but inside we die from wanting to talk, hug and kiss each other. You shed tears, I come out of hatred, I hate myself … “-Eden
  22. “My snow soul will melt only when my eyes meet you, and when I look forward to it I will keep you alive in my dreams! “-Eden
  23. “I got lost in this sunset; I want to go to you completely. You are the essence of every moment; I fly in the air with you. “-Eden
  24. “Why look at the stars in the sky, when the most beautiful and brightest star is already with me? “-Eden
  25. “There is the sun that hugs you that warms my life, the moon that sees your eyes that shines my nights, your breath is the wind that takes away my thoughts … and I love you lets cross! “-Eden
  26. “Only then will I stop loving you, and if, I will be able to touch the moon with my hands … I love you so much Princess! “-Eden
  27. “I will become the wonderful angel of your dreams and the devil of your emotions, and I will nail your soul to myself, so you will come into being only when I am present. I love you. “-Eden
  28. “I think when you love someone, when you really love someone, you start to see the world through their eyes. “-Eden
  29. “We are like the sun and the moon, except for the day of the lunar eclipse, we can almost never meet! “-Eden
  30. “If you can hear this murmur in my heart that cries out to me and makes me think of your name … I love you and, forever, I will love you, you are my only star Are! “-Eden
  31. “Every moment, every breath, everything is connected to you! You are the center of my life, the source of everything, the only substance of my days! Thanks for the present! “-Eden
  32. “Always be here, with me, and never go, now we are two souls in a beautiful I love you! “-Eden
  33. “Every hour I spent with you passed like the second moment of my life, and every hour passed without you like ten years of my life. “-Eden
  34. “I don’t miss you when I’m sad, I miss you when I’m happy and I can’t share all these smiles with you. “-Eden
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