Relationship quotes for her

Sometimes you come across an estimate that summarizes exactly a person is looking for in the relationship. It doesn’t matter if they remind you of your attachment or maybe you destroy the feelings they create deep within you, these quotes towards the goals of the relationship will take you seriously.

Relationship quotes for her

Best Relationship quotes for her

  1. “To enter into relationship with the other is to try to create a mutual bond made of the individual expression of each (including listening to oneself) and the other.”-Eden
  2. “Trying to have a good relationship with a communist is like chasing a crocodile: you never know if it’s going to tickle your chin or hit you on the head. When he opens his mouth, you will wonder if he is trying to smile or if he is going to devour you. “-Eden
  3. “Today, in a romantic relationship, no one can trust the duration of a beautiful day.”-Eden
  4. “Every new relationship is a new novel.”-Eden
  5. “The one who, instead of giving good advice in your relationship, will cool you down to your legitimate love and your duties, deserves neither your friendship nor your respect. “-Eden
  6. “You never enter a relationship without first thinking about it.”-Eden
  7. “When a relationship loses focus, it’s best to break it off completely.”-Eden
  8. “Doing a service to you maintains a humane and happy relationship.”-Eden
  9. “Entering a relationship is a passage that enables us to move from impression to expression and from expression to communication (polling).”-Eden
  10. “Often the end of a romantic relationship begins with an adult.”-Eden
  11. “In the world, the frequency of relationships is confused with the closeness of relationships. Vienna on the day of misfortune and distinction makes itself.”-Eden
  12. “The harmony of shared and shared intimacy with personal and secure intimacy is a guarantee of mutual respect for oneself and the other in any relationship.”-Eden
  13. “The friendly relationship is not neglected.”-Eden
  14. “Friendly relationships are not ignored “-Eden
  15. “Before establishing a relationship with a person, find out how he or she treats others in his or her friendly relationship, as in his or her romantic relationship: he or she will treat you as he or she treats others.”-Eden
  16. “A love affair is like a tempting grace that grows a little more every day, and the difficulty, once one has tasted this created envelope, is to rediscover it like everyday life.”-Eden
  17. “Every relationship is a mirror where we and our activities can come before us.”-Eden
  18. “When a relationship is a part of life, it gives the being a taste of eternity.”-Eden
  19. “A relationship is a mirror in which you can discover yourself.”-Eden
  20. “In Paris, where life is very busy, there is hardly any room or time left for love relationships.”-Eden
  21. “Let us be faithful in our dealings with others.”-Eden
  22. “Relationships can be a domestic foundation that gives us more confidence to face strangers.”-Eden
  23. “Communication is the foundation of any relationship.”-Eden
  24. “A relationship is a flower that we like to choose for ourselves.”-Eden
  25. “Perhaps the greatness of a trade, above all, is the unification of men: it’s just a matter of real luxury, and that’s human relationships.”-Eden
  26. “Any erotic relationship should survive in such a way that it is easy for you to create an image that is beautiful.”-Eden
  27. “Learn to respect and love yourself so that you can respect and love others.”-Eden
  28. “Careful relationship, perfect relationship, let’s hide and we’ll have less trouble.” –Eden
  29. “I love you more than my life, your laughter to get out of it.” –Eden
  30. “The angels are sad, the devil likes it. You’re random. I love you. Why did you say that? There’s a happy animal under its claws, I’ve been waiting for me to live.” –Eden
  31. “I meet girls my age and then older girls, but even in love, I see some challenges.” –Eden
  32. “Every morning, I think of you, nothing can take your place. You made me sad that grief is better.” –Eden
  33. “And you hurt me but I want more. I bless the sky whenever I see your body.” –Eden
  34. “My hand is running through your hair. I spend it well at night, during the day, and even in life.” –Eden
  35. “Relationships are full of cowardice, and if time is against us, is death our ally?” –Eden
  36. “I like the pain. I drag hundreds of memories, which we used to laugh at, how good it was in the old days.” –Eden
  37. “Threatening, jealousy, freezing my heart, like you were scared, you killed my love relationships.” –Eden
  38. “Your voice made me wake up in the evening; I took off, the reflection of both your eyes in the mirror.” –Eden
  39. “I have a deep pain in real life but don’t let your dreams run away, hide it”–Eden
  40. “Before I trust it, now before the good weather comes, I trust myself, it’s cold after the sun comes up.” –Eden
  41. “I don’t need a woman’s arms, I don’t know my mother. I don’t really need to love, I just need to let go of my head.” –Eden
  42. “The first relationship hurt you so much that you will move on from the last.” –Eden
  43. It will always be for money, don’t say: “I love you for who you are”.–Eden
  44. “Threatening, jealousy, freezing my heart, like you were scared, you killed my love relationships.” –Eden
  45. “I’m young, I don’t care about the future, what will our relationship be like? “–Eden
  46. “Relationships between employers and employees should be respected, not dominated. “–Eden
  47. “There is no reason why any human relationship is not based on respect.”–Eden
  48. “Treat everyone with the same courtesy, respect and interest as if they were an important guest.”–Eden 
  49. “To respect another is to understand him as a human being and to acknowledge the suffering that befalls him.”–Eden 
  50. “Respect this man in every man, if he is not one, at least he should be.”–Eden 
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