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In this category you will find Smoker Accessories such as Arc lighters, Ashtrays, Colorful plasma lighters with engrave and more.

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Whether you’re a smoker yourself or just want to find the perfect gift for somebody who does, we’ve got you covered with a wide assortment of accessories for smokers.

Light it up with one of our stylish and chill electric lighters, available in a palette of bright pastel colors, such as blue, green, red, yellow, or red, in more muted and elegant tones, such as gold, silver, black, chrome, or with one of a number of cool designs. As always, you can make it personal with an engraved lighter emblazoned with your own unique message.

Put your sophistication on full display with a 999 replica gold bar electric lighter, soar high with an eye-catching purple eagle lighter, or simply select the gorgeous chrome electric lighter with iridescent effect.

For military enthusiasts, consider the army electric lighter complete with emblazoned howitzer tank design.

Make sure to keep it clean! Take home a colorful ashtray, complete with artistic leaf design, available in a number of cool variations. Pair it with a nifty decorative plate to complement the aesthetic even further.

Keep your cigarettes together with a rad silicone cigarette case, complete with a number of attractive sleeve designs, such as the “I love you” triangle, the king and queen, and more. For the couple who smokes together, consider procuring a his and hers variation, or pair your cigarette case with a complementary electric lighter.

Keep your desk immaculately fresh and clean with the cute and quirky mushroom vacuum cleaner. This neat little gadget takes all the guesswork out of cleaning your desk and adds character to your workspace.

Know how much you have on hand and keep it all organized with a weighter electronic scale. Of course, no stash is complete without a cool brand new electric grinder, either.

Why not consider one our paired gifts? Variants include personalized wallet and lighter combinations, bracelet and lighter sets, lighters paired with ashtray and grinder, and more.

ED products are carefully and painstakingly crafted for high quality and affordability. We take great pride in our individual lines of goods and personalized items.

Remember, the possibilities are endless with customized products. Personalize lamps, wallets, key-chains, necklaces, bracelets, lighters, phone cases, and more with modifications, personal dedications, or even your own personal photos.

Don’t let finding smoking accessories be a hassle! Check out our page when you’re running low and let us make it easy. We make it as simple as can be, so resupply with us.

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