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In this category you will find different Silicone Cigarette cases to wrap your cigarette case in stylish desing.

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Were you looking to make a statement with your cigarette case? I know how that sounds, but wait, let’s back up.

When you buy cigarettes, do you ever wish that your case looked different? Do you ever maybe wish that you’d dress it in something a little more stylish, similarly to the way one might with a phone case? Well, it just so happens that we have the solution for you!

Our silicone cigarette cases allow you to give the usual cigarette pack a much needed facelift. This appearance upgrade for your cigarette pack can come in many different flavors, and we have a number of attractive designs with which you can drastically overhaul your cigarette pack’s look:

Show your friends and acquaintances what you’d rather be smoking with our simple black and white leaf cigarette case design. This clever wink may just earn you a toking buddy or two, who knows? Select this option and never be left out of the rotation.

Immerse yourself in gorgeous pastel aesthetic with the ILY pink and blue triangle silicone case, or show your significant other who really rules your heart with his and hers “King” and “Queen” “#1” silicone cigarette pack sleeves.

For those who want to take it just a step further, paired sleeves featuring crowns are available for the Kings and Queens who wish to display their regal nature for all the world to see.

And what case is complete without an accompanying lighter? We have a wide variety of lighters in a wide array of colors and designs.

Grab one of our stylish and chill electric lighters, available in a wide array of bright pastel colors, such as green, blue, red, yellow, or opt for a lighter with one of any number of cool designs. As always, you can add that personal touch; make it personal with an engraved lighter emblazoned with your own unique message.

ED products are carefully and painstakingly crafted for high quality and affordability. We take great pride in our individual lines of goods and personalized items. We have a range to please smokers everywhere, and if you feel that your silicone cigarette case needs something extra, there is always the option of adding a customized message of your choosing.

A good silicone case can be tough to come by; let us simplify it for you. Come visit when you need a new sleeve for your newest pack.

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