Mother’s Day gifts / Birthday gift for Mom

What should we buy to a woman so dear – the one that gave us birth?
No one in the world loves you like mom.
  The only one who cares for us day by day and doesn’t sleep at night until she knows we are safe,
  How can we give her back such a good gift that will express only 1% of our appreciation for her?
  So let me reassure you and tell the truth – there is no gift in the world to match the love she deserves.
  but! And there is a big one here – yes you can find her a gift that will bring her a smile all over her face.

Money is not an issue

When we talk about Mother’s Day gift or gift for mom birthady – money is not life changer here.
From a variety of jewelry with the children’s names what we really need to make our mom happy is a gift with a high sentimental value.
  At our gift shop, we understand that the gift price is irrelevant in any way to the emotion it brings to the gift recipient.
 When we want to excite Mom we have to remember that her pride is us – her children.
  Our success is her success, and our downfalls are her downfalls as well.

So when it comes to an original gift for mom I can especially recommend a necklace for mom.
  But not just a necklace – but a necklace that made especially for mom.
  14k gold or silver 925 plated mother and children pendant,
  That the chain model comes with the word”mom”,
  And beneath it are little gold hearts with the names of her children.
  You can add the childrens’ names to the hearts and put together a perfect gift for them at a price that is comfortable for each pocket and most importantly – make your mom happy.

gold mom necklace gift customized personalized gifts-1

The mother and children necklace will accompany her everywhere and remind her how much her children love and appreciate her.
  That way you can accompany your mom anywhere without being with her,
  And if she can show off as the best mom in the world – then why not 😉

The necklace comes with the word “mother” big and on it hang 4 small hearts on which the names of the children can be engraved in English by your choice.
  The mother and boys necklace is water resistant and made of high quality material, a great gift to a great woman.
  We will never be able to express our great appreciation to Mother – but it is a right step that is definitely worth starting with.

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