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So your man deserves gifts here and there too.
And when it comes to gifts for your man things can suddenly get complicated,
What does he like and what can you buy for your boyfriend that will excite him?
There is one gift that I personally very like and it is a leather wallet for a man and I will immediately explain why.

When we buy a gift for a man it can be a little different from a normal gift for a wife / mother / girlfriend,
Because when it comes to a man I highly recommend that the gift be practical and useful for everyday life.
And what more is your man using than his wallet that goes everywhere with him?
But buying just a mens zipped wallet is not really unique,
Because we want to make our unique engrave – a real gift with a picture.
On your wallet you can add your favorite photo together from one side,
and On the other side, your personal dedication that can be romantic or comic in the style of “with you to the last buck”. 😉


Compared to other places that make the dedications and designed wallets,
We make leather engravings on the wallet which will make your dedication in the highest level to ensure you a maximum result and an exciting gift that your boyfriend will love.

When you buy a zipper wallet for your man, I recommend that you pay attention to some specific things:
What is the size of the wallet?
On the one hand, it is important that the wallet be large enough for the credit cards, cash and small change to be conveniently packed, but on the other hand that it will not be too big and will fit convinently in his pocket.
  In addition, pay attention to the change cell in your wallet.
  In a lot of wallets the cell is not high quality and torn off relatively quickly,
  Or the button that close it is falling quickly — note that the wallet is high quality and will not be torn off within time.
  Key features of a man’s wallet with a photo and date are:

-Quality and luxurious genuine leather wallet

  • Wallet with personal dedication with picture
  • Personal dedication with a sentence / date on the other side
  • Wallet dimensions – 9.5X11 cm
  • -6 credit card cells
  • Place with transparent window for photos or certificates
  • A quality button place for a small change
Gifts Self Customized Men Leather Wallet-3

If you are interested you are more than welcome to visit our online store,
And see the selection of gifts for couples and wallets we offer and in any case,
Have a good time finding an original and useful gift for your man 😊

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