King and queen necklaces

Your King His Queen Gold couple necklaces are a perfect gift for your loved one and yourself with a couple. Whether you have a few words, come up with something or are just looking for the perfect item for each other, this “Her King His Queen Gold Couples” necklace is a feel for how you feel about your partner.

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Your King His Queen Gold Couples necklaces are beautiful stainless steel choker necklaces. It is a decorative military necklace, perfect for couples. Both pendant necklaces have a gold identification tag with “His Queen” and “Her King” with decorative crown symbols. The best king and queen jewellery for couples you can buy! Not available in stores!

North Star Coordinates Necklace

 The North Star has we have used long as a reference point for navigation and is, therefore, a perfect symbol for a long-distance chain. What makes this necklace even more special is the ability to engrave location coordinates, which means something special to you. This amazing piece is available in three different styles: gold rose gold and silver. Mignon & Mignon have also added the option of having the back engraved with something special if desired. We think it will be easy.


  • Brass, Gold, Rose gold, Silver


  • Necklace length: 17.5 Inches; Pendant height: .71 Inches; Pendant width: .71 Inches


  • COMPASS CHARM SIZE: approx. 0.25” in diameter (6mm)
  • CHAIN LENGTH: 17.5″
  • MATERIAL: Gold Plated / Silver Plated / Rose Gold Plated
  • LARGE DISC SIZE: approx. 0.71” in diameter (18mm)

Coordinates Bar Long Distance Necklace by Ziime

 The Ziime Coordinate bar Necklace is a simple but beautiful piece. It is made of the highest quality materials and allows the wearer to proudly display the matching points. You can map it as blank or on one or both sides as you wish. The stream should not be just for points. On the other hand, you have the option of doing something different, and the versatility of this necklace is part of what makes it an amazing gift. Ziime has made contact necklace available in gold rose gold and silver.

It can engrave places in your memory. It can also be engraved with names, initials, words, dates and symbols. This bar necklace is the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, brides, graduations, friendships, sisters.

  • This list is for one chain only, size: 40 x 4 mm.
  • The plate can be engraved on both sides (bearing reversible).
  • Available in 14k Gold Fill, Rose Gold Fill and Sterling Silver.
  • High-quality premium material from US sellers.
  • This bar can contain a maximum of 25 characters, including space (not applicable to symbols).
  • The length of the chain on the model is marked in the photo.
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