Jewish star necklace | Hebrew name necklace

All of us truly love the land of Israel.
We are all proud of our country and our symbol, and when it comes to giving a gift to a man who has everything,
We can try to surprise him with some judaica jewelry.
If you were looking for gift ideas for a man let me recommend some specific necklaces,
Stay with us 😊

A Star of David necklace for men

One of our favorite gifts is a Star of David necklace for men,
But our necklace has a slightly different twist:
On the necklace you can add beautiful and significant engraving of up to 3 words,
The engraving adds your unique customization and adds value to the gift.
more personalized gifts here.
You have the option to go for “Bless the Lord”,
Or maybe write down the three children’s names and it’s can be great idea for gift your husband,
Anyway – in the Star of David symbol there is a lot of meaning hidden in it,
And besides the fact that it symbolizes a 2,000 year tradition, it symbolizes love and unity between you and him and strengthens the bond and trust between you.
You can of course order the necklace in 14K gold plated quality and water resistant,
Or alternatively a 925 silver color depends on his preference (or yours) 😉.


Israel map necklace

If you’re looking for something else, you can go for something more specific,
Necklace with silver or gold land of Israel pendant,
this pendant symbolizing the entire map of the Land of Israel and inside it a Star of David which symbolizes the pride of the land.


Night lamp with the Star of David symbol

If you’re not looking for necklaces and jewelry,
Let me recommend you a colorful night light with a Star of David symbol,
A night lamp of this kind for bedroom can be a great idea and has a very high sentimental value that is especially suited to the situation when it comes to a military retirement gift, or a gift to your boy’s birthday.

Hebrew name necklace

If you’re not looking for something connected directly to judaica jewelry, you can also order a gold necklace with a name,
When her pendant is your husband’s name in Hebrew or English of your choice.
The truth is that when it comes to a birthday present or any other occasion,
This kind of gift can suit everyone and not necessarily men:
A necklace with a name for a girl or girlfriend made by gold or silver is a favorite gift that symbolizes lots.

Gifts Self Customized Name Necklace-6

There is a whole world outside of gifts with meaning waiting to be chosen,
To be focused first you have to think about what your man’s hobbies are,
And what’s more will excite him.
If he is a soldier and loves the country, especially a soldier or a military service officer,
Judaica gift is just for him,
Good luck 😊

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