Ideas for gifts for people who have everthing

When my mom’s friend asked me what gift to buy for her man, she was really confused.

-“What do you buy for a man who has everything?”
-Well … What do you mean by everything ?
-“After such a difficult year in relationships and in our lives,
Dani and I went through a lot of bad times, but now they are behind us.
I want to make him happy and express my love for him in the most beautiful way possible,
And I wanted to buy him a thank you gift that would excite him.
Everything I’ve bought has already lost its excitement and to be honest it feels to me like he is a little bored, for example two years ago I bought him a mens leather zipper wallet, and until he does use it he shoves it in his back pocket and it feels like it loses some meaning. ” .
-“You sound really desperate to me, what other ideas have you tried?”

-“As a gift for our last wedding anniversary, I tried to arrange a nice sushi workshop for us, but it didn’t work that well either.
I was more on the side of the operation and he made sure to come back full from each session …
Or last year, for example, I decided to surpsrise him with plasma lighter with engraving,
But he is an old-fashioned guy and doesn’t get along with these arc lighters.”
-“Okay, the truth it sounds to me like you’re spoiling your man in creative and beautiful gifts I admit,
But I think that you buying him gifts that you like rather than thinking what he REALLY would like. “
-“What does that mean”?
-“Look … I just think you bought him a wallet without thinking about what he really likes,
 You bought him a wallet because you thought it would look good on him and that he would like it because you actually loved it, right? “
 – “Yes, so where are you suggesting?
 Should I actually buy him a gift I hate? “

-“lol no that’s not where i’m going, I’m talking about you have to buy him a gift * HE * would love.”
-“So what do you think I’ve tried to do so far, genius?”
-“I’m sure that’s what you tried, but not what you did.
The right way to buy him a gift he would love is to think first of all what his hobbies are, what he loves to do everyday. “
-“The truth is he doesn’t have a lot of hobbies, every morning he gets up to drink his coffee and read a newspaper and go to work.
When he returns from work in the evening he once again sees his TV Shows about the moon and stars that I have no idea why he is interested in it but okay … “
-“Great, here’s the next gift idea for your husband.
Is he interested in the moon? Buy him a moon. “
-“What do you mean by buying a moon”?

3D Moon night light

If you were sure your man had everything, let me challenge you with Such a symbolic gift with meaning you have not yet brought.
Everywhere you look you can find a variety of colorful night lights, but not this one.
Our moon lamp is produced using the world’s most advanced technologies,
Made from only green and environmentally friendly materials.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday gift, a wedding gift, a gift for your friend or a birthday gift,
This gift is exactly what you need.

3D Customized Moon lamp night light gift picture-3

Imagine a ball-shaped lamp with the real moon texture and craters that switches to 16 different colors with the click of a button (yes it also comes with a remote control).
If that is not enough as a unique gift for you then I forgot to say it is also a personalized gift,
Send us your favorite picture and let us do everything else.
On the other side we can add a nice dedication to his birthday, for example: “My beloved husband Happy Birthday”
And it all comes in a premium gift box for your man with everything you need inside:
Charging cable, high quality wood stand for lamp, remote control and user instructions.

3D moon lamp night light love you to the moon and back

-“Eden thank you, you have no idea how much he loved it!
I’ve never seen him smile like that from such a small gift! “

Surprise your loved ones with a creative and original gift,
And get him the moon from the sky 😊

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