I love you quotes for her

Although there are some differences by country, the “I love you” line in English is typically used by lovers only a few months after dating begins. If you want to say “I like you” when you casually go out together, say, “I like you, If you don’t have the passion for telling love but want to say, “I like you,” you can also say, “I really like you” or “I really like you.” I like it.

I love you quotes for her

BEST I love you quotes for her

  1. “I love you. I love you so much should know that if you come close, I will not let you go. “-Eden
  2. “I love you! Let me take the world in my sweet mouth, and kiss the sky! “-Eden
  3. “I love you and I don’t want to lose that feeling, if I could choose a place to die, it would be in your arms. “-Eden
  4. “The one you love, I love you without the past, I love you without the news of the future, but I love you as soon as I breathe. “-Eden
  5. “I am not Victor Hugo to say beautiful words to you because I am not a boudoir to recite poems to you, but I am here to tell you that I love you“-Eden
  6. “We love you a thousand and a thousand times more than we have ever loved. “-Eden
  7. “I may not have the words to express my feelings to you, but I have the love I need. I love you baby…“-Eden
  8. “I love you because the whole universe has conspired to get me to you“-Eden
  9. “I love you, I love you, I have no worries in the world but you. “-Eden
  10. “I love you so much i have no idea but you I don’t know what to do after you leave. I am like the soul of pain. I look for you mechanically. I think I hear your voice and your actions all the time: I love you madly. “-Eden
  11. “I always think of you I love you who love me so much I always hear your voice and, on my lips, often the impression of your sweet lips. “-Eden
  12. “I love you crazy, I just want you, I only think of you, I am your body and soul. “-Eden
  13. “I love you do you listen I love you, I love you with all my strength, with all the passion of my life! Yes, you have heard it with all your heart! I love you like a fool! I just want you. “ –Eden
  14. “Tonight, I want to melt like a fruit under your teeth, I love you so much! “–Eden
  15. “Goodbye, goodbye, a thousand kisses of love. If you were there, I would give you the same as I gave you. I’m still thirsty for you, I’m not satisfied! I love you. “–Eden
  16. “I love you, I want you, I’m hungry for you, come quickly, come and I’ll put a little blue in my sky. “–Eden
  17. “I love you! Let me take the world in my sweet mouth, and kiss the sky! “–Eden
  18. “I love you, and everything that makes you sad makes me sad. I love you, and everything that touches you touches me. “–Eden
  19. “All the time since this morning I have loved you a little more. “–Eden
  20. “I love you; you love me that am what my heart wants. You love me; I love you, that’s the real joy. “–Eden
  21. “I love you; I want your life to be sweet and sandy, full of flowers and happiness. I like your beautiful and nice clean face, the pressure of your hand, the touch of your skin under my lips. “–Eden
  22. “I care more about you i love you more. “–Eden
  23. “I promise you no matter what happens I always will be there with you. (No matter what happens, I promise to be with you. “–Eden
  24. “If you know how much I love you, what a beautiful novel we are going to revive! “–Eden
  25. “My dear, our love story will go on all the time. It is a fairy tale that can never end. It is a romantic relationship that leads to eternal love. “–Eden
  26. “Love you like the first day … Every day is a honeymoon … Promise of compassion with you every night. “–Eden
  27. “I want to find words to tell you how much I love you, but their existence is not so strong! “–Eden
  28. “My dear, I love you as much as here! I love you from my heart my life my love more than me! I love you very much. “–Eden
  29. “Listening to your heartbeat and all your breathing events, it fills me with joy and happiness. “–Eden
  30. “If I need you, hug me, if I give up, support me, if I can’t, look me in the eye and tell me you love me because I love you. “–Eden
  31. “To love – to love – to imitate. We learn it many words, actions, “feelings” are learned. – The role of books and poems. True love must be extremely rare. “–Eden
  32. “Love is a small boat – because of which, all the joy, on the wave, – traveling to new lands – randomly from its wandering path. “–Eden
  33. “Love is waiting for someone forever … an adventure has been waiting for someone since we know it. “–Eden
  34. “Only a fool wants to weigh himself against the god of love, love only goes its way with the gods. So why not with me. “–Eden
  35. “Love is everything – love and life in the sun. – Love is the big point, what difference does it make to the mistress? – What difference does a bottle make as long as we’re drunk! “–Eden


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