How to buy wristwatch for men and women?

With so many mens’ watches, womens’ watches and so many brands we can find ourselves confused.
What watch is the perfect choice for us?
How do we compare prices correctly and what is considered a high-end luxury watch?
Today the watch is considered more a stylish item than just a device designed to show time,
And like every piece of clothing and every piece of jewelry, watches have a price tag that ranges from a few dozens of bucks to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Looking for cheap watches that will be nice branded watches?
Wait one second.
There are some Properties we need to know and check out about every watch we intend to pay and wear.

ED Alpha Watch

What is the type of mechanism of the watch?

Let me explain that easy & simple – there are 3 types of mechanism.

  • The first is a quartz mechanism and in fact it is the most common, reliable and cheapest mechanism
    Watches that operate using a quartz mechanism (named after the crystal from which it is made) will move across the board using ticking (tik-tok, tik-tok) with each ticking symbol one second.
  • The second is a mechanical mechanism that will require you to move the crown which is on the side of the watch to fuel some “power” to the battery that will keep moving,
    Compared to the first quartz mechanism we talked about – the mechanical mechanism will move the seconds hand on the board in a continuous manner rather than the ticking.
    And you guessed it – obviously such a mechanism would cost more than the Quartz.
  • The third is an automatic mechanism that basically works on the same principle as the mechanical one,
    Only it is driven with the help of your hand movement that fuels it with the “power” to move the seconds hand versus the mechanical that you have to manually load.

And now we’ll speak English – look at it like this:
This quartz mechanism is the Galaxy of the watches – cheap, reliable and high quality, which you basically get what you paid for.
On the other hand, the automatic mechanism over time gained the status of a premium mechanism and of course it is also much more expensive – the “Iphone” of the watches.
How much are you really willing to spend on a watch?
It’s yours to think about – but let me tell you that with today’s advanced technology and production, you can be relaxed knowing that all types of mechanisms are reliable and do their job faithfully – so it’s a matter of preference and budget.

What is the diameter of the watch?

When we talk about the diameter of the clock, we actually mean the diameter of the clock itself.
Each watch has a different diameter – while the most common diameter is 40mm end-to-end that fits men and women (Unisex watches).
At the same time, some women have a preference for smaller and more gentle diameter watches (36,38, etc.),
While some men who have a bigger hand sometimes prefer a larger diameter (42,44, etc.).
You know your style and you know what works best for you,
Just make sure to Notice the diameter.

3.What is the strap and watch board made of?

In such a large market, each brand has its own variety of models.
Each watch is made of a different material that creates a different quality and of course everything is expressed in price.
From ordinary metal watches and stainless steel strap watches that are waterproof to real gold!
The key components that affect the price is the watch material and of course the mechanism.

Premium ED men Women Unisex watch black gold silver-4

The brand of the watch.

Of course, the main element of any watch is the manufacturer of the watch – who sells it to you?
Compared to many other jewelery and accessories – the Brand’s story that being told behind the hand watch is far more important.
Many of us are measured by the brands we are wearing,
And for some of us, it makes it feel better to go with a famous brand.
At the same time, I can say that it is very much reflected in the price and not always reflected in the quality,
There are quite a few less known but cheaper brands that provide exactly the same quality you find in a well-known brands for cheaper prices.

Gif ED Alpha Watch

Watch Warranty.

Of course depends on the watch price.
If we are talking about simple watches up to 50$ I would not expect warranty,
But the watches on which the investment is beyond this amount – it is common to give at least warranty for Properly working mechanism for at least a few months.
It is important that you know that you have where to go in case you have a problem,
Pay attention to who you pay for and what.

The color of the watch.

For some it will be the biggest Question – What is your favorite color?
It can either be a black watch, a silver watch, a gold watch, or a mixed one.
Today the world is full of a wide variety of models so there is no reason to compromise – if you will search enough, you will definitely find the perfect model for you.
Tip from me: Try to think about what best suits your style and what colors are you wearing for your everyday clothes – the watch should match them.

Premium ED men Women Unisex watch black gold silver-30

Waterproof watches level

Is the watch you intend to purchase water resistant?
If so – excellent, what is his level of durability?
From small resistance of hand-washing proof watches to watches with which you can dive with sharks at 100 meters depth with, there is a difference in the level of durability and of course everything here is reflected in the price.
Pay attention to your real needs and don’t pay for too much,
Because you can save here some real money.

The truth is – I can keep on,
But I believe it’s enough for you today so a few last sentences.

We here at ED understand the need of people for beautiful and high quality watches that match the everyday taste with the cheap and fair prices.
That is why we have developed wristwatch models for men and of course high quality wristwatches, high quality quartz watch mechanism,
With water resistance, with warranty mechanism and most loved colors.
We also offer watch and bracelet set if you are looking for couples gifts,
And until then – have fun shopping 😊

take me to store!

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