How Often should you buy gifts and to who ?

How Often should you buy gifts and to who ?

With so many events and so many holidays we sometimes lose ourselves.
 Tomorrow its my brother’s birthday, Valentine’s day is another month, and next week me and my boyfriend are celebrating six months.
 What should i buy, how much to invest and what do they like best?
 Here is the great gift guide that will tell you which are the events you really need to buy a gift for, And what original gifts would suit every situation.

1.Is It your man’s Birthday Celebration?

When your man celebrates a birthday it’s definitely your time to surprise.
 And no one know him better than you do.
 Of course now it is your time to overcome the previous year and look for original gifts for your men,
 Something he had not yet seen.
 You might find yourself going to a men’s gift shop or checking out all kinds of sites,
 But there’s a chance you still won’t find a gift for a man who has everything.
 When we talk about a gift for a man, it needs to be practical for everyday life too.
 What do you think will be used for his everyday needs?
 Buying another perfume is always nice, but when you want to really surprise him, remember that a special gift for a man is also a gift he will use.

Our recommended gift is a watch set and bracelet for men.
 The stylish set features a premium stainless steel waterproof ED watch,
 And a stainless steel water-resistant custom engraving bracelet, which will make your man a special and practical gift for everyday life.
 All you have left is to choose the right color for him ๐Ÿ˜‰.

2.Or maybe is it your Wife’s Birthday?

Well, that’s the most obvious thing there is
 When your wife is celebrating a birthday there is no such thing as buying her a gift.
 Some men settle for common gifts like a perfume or a nice necklace,
 And the second part will go on and look for original gifts for his wife.
 Men notice this is not always a simple thing, we all know that women are a little more complicated (just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰),
 So even if you are sure you know her best, I would recommend that you ask for help of her good friend.
 They always recognize another side in their personality to which you are less exposed and can give you a good advice.

One of the birthday gifts for a woman that I can recommend is a custom bedroom night light led:
 This is a special colorful night lamp that switches to 7 different colors and you can etch your favorite photo together from the last event, and even add your special date / phrase from a song she likes / a comic phrase that will make her smile or whatever comes to your mind.
 What matters is that you will be able to get her excited and smile when she gets it, I promise you.

Customized heart night lamp couple gift

3.Gift for Boyfriend’s Birthday

Maybe you’re not married yet,
 But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a nice gift, either.
 You do not have to buy 100 gifts and you can go easy with the budget and notice that this is also a question of “how long have you been together”.
 If you are together for a short period (less than 3 months) I would recommend buying something iconic such as a photo custom keychain with a personalized design (double set),
 And if you are looking fora little more than that you can buy a bigger gift and also more useful such as a phone case with a picture (also possible in a double set).
 Remember that on the one hand you have to buy a gift,
 But on the other hand there is no point in spoiling too much – because after all, there will be more events in the future and you do not want to use all of your ideas in one single event, because what will you do next year? ๐Ÿ˜Š

gift personalizes keychains with picture

4.A gift For your Girlfriend’s Birthday

You need to buy a gift!
 Yes, even if you only started dating three days before her birthday.
 Be sure she would have done the opposite!
 And now seriously – it’s your time to get her excited.
 Here too it depends on how long you go out and if it’s a relatively short period there’s no reason to do something huge,
 But I would always recommend combining a few small gifts together with a little surprise party or maybe you should go to a nice little date together.
 This day is all about her, so excite her and do what is necessary so that at the end of the day she will not be able to erase the smile from her face.
 In the context of gift ideas, I would recommend going for the Queen King double set concept for King and Queen bracelets for you and her, which come at a reasonable price for each pocket and also very beautiful and high quality,
 They are not bestsellers for no reason ๐Ÿ˜Š.

king queen bracelets black rose gold gifts couples

5.Mother’s Day gifts / Birthday gift for Mom

“No one loves you like mama.”
 It’s time to thank to one and only one who always cares for you,
 And buy her the most exciting gift there is.
 When we talk about an original gift for mom, I highly recommend a necklace for mom with children names,
 It is a gold necklace for mother that you can engrave on the names of the children and on the chain pendant with the word “Mother” in a big way that has so much meaning in our lives.
 This is an original gift for a mother and has a very high sentimental value,
 Because on the necklace is every kid’s name engraved on a high quality 14k gold-plated heart,
 And the chain will accompany Mother everywhere and be her pride.

gold mom necklace gift customized personalized gifts-1

6.Family day Gifts

When we talk about family day, it’s not a day when gifts are often bought,
 But if you still choose to surprise yourself with family day gifts, I would like to go back and recommend a colorful night light for children and the family we talked about earlier, but this time from a different angle.
 You can order a personalized colorful night lamp (L size recommended) and the night light you can put a picture of the whole family with a meaningful sentence and the lamp is recommended to be put in the living room,
 It is a perfect gift from a magical moment of the whole family together at a price that is comfortable for each pocket.

7.Valentine day Gifts

To me, after birthday – this is the second date that must be bought as a gift because after all this day is for love only,
 And what is love if not giving?
 When we give we begin to love, and to express our love it is our time to surprise our loved ones with original gifts of all kinds.
 What does she like and what will surprise him?
 We’ll leave that to you,
 But as for now, I would recommend a gift to Valentine’s Day which is perfect (to my opinion) in the situation.
A 3D moonlight lamp with a unique dedication to Valentine’s Day that will excite your close friend.
 The lamp comes in the form of a sphere wrapped in the texture of the real moon, with a unique dedication to excite the couple,
 The ball changes to 16 colors and comes in a fancy premium package that features a remote control, high quality wooden stand and charging cable that will create a premium special gift for you.

3D moon lamp night light 16 colors love you to the moon and back-2

8.Wedding anniversary gifts / 60th anniversary gifts

How do you fully show appreciation to your other half?
 The truth is – there is no gift in the whole world that can truly express your love for them, which is great.
 But all that’s left to do is surprise in the most exciting way possible.
 You are not together for a day or two, and to keep the fire of love burning between you two – you will have to overcome yourself again,
 And we all know that this is a difficult task – because what else can you buy to them?
For a perfect anniversary gift,
 Let me go back one paragraph and repeat myself,
 And recommend a moon night light but from a different angle,
 And with a dedication to your wedding day.
Its hard for me to believe that you managed already to surprise her in that way, and especially if she loves the moon and including star / galaxy / night lamps in general, I definitely believe that your wife / husband will really love this gift.

3D moon lamp night light 16 colors to my true love-3

9.Gifts for 9 year old boys

How can you not love your little boy celebrating a birthday?
You raised him from his first breath in the world until now,
and all your intention is Just to do to him all the best in the world!
 So first of all let me update you and say that he is now the luckiest in the world to have someone like you in your life,
 And as we know children – any gift you buy for them – after a few days and maybe weeks at best, will be thrown aside and join the collection of things he was excited about for a minute and “We shouldn’t bought this.”
 Unless โ€ฆ. (Drums โ€ฆ)
 Buy him a 3d moonlight lamp for the bedroom!
 Yes I know I am talking maybe a little to much about it but it is so suitable for children,
 With the stunning moon texture that will spark their imagination, plus an exciting dedication (nothing to do is worth 1,000 words),
 And you will receive the most successful gift you can give to your child.
 Assures you that it will keep him busy and also give you the rest you need for yourself occasionally ๐Ÿ˜Š.

3D moon lamp night light my king

10.Military retirement Gifts

Are you looking for a nice gift to your pretty soldier for his home arrival?
 The military is not an easy environment and your gift should expose the smile up on his face.
 So if our lover is recruiting or retiring we should surprise him with a gift that will make him happy.
 Again, this isn’t an easy time, so I would recommend a light and less practical gift,
 But an original gift of high sentimental value.
 When we talk about a gift for release from the military, we know the common gifts that are usually given to the soldiers when they are released, and these are gifts of appreciation for their hard work.
 Here, too, I recommend a custmoized moon lamp 3d and with our own twist,
 Appreciation to the soldier with the military icon as a thank you for protecting us and our country throughout the period ๐Ÿ˜Š

3D moon lamp night light 16 colors blank moon

11.End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Speaking in the spirit of authoritative figures in our lives,
  Our teachers and educators during our school days are also important to our lives.
  Of course this is not mandatory, but occasionally it is accepted to give a common gift from the whole class to their beloved teacher who accompanied them throughout the school time.
  This gift will symbolize all their appreciation to the teacher’s accompaniment and sacrifice,
  And for all the hard days and patience he had for his students.
  The most original gift we have to offer is a moonlight with a dedication to the teacher who will accompany her also for the years after graduation and serve as a keepsake.

3D moon lamp night light galaxy

12.Thank you gifts for father

We talked so much about authority figures in our lives,
 And we talked about family day, boyfriends,mother, and as always we forget about dad.
 But not in our case.
 Dad deserves to be appreciated, too, and may be forgotten in most of the songs, but not in gifts.
 While the subject of gift for father is a bit more complex than a gift for mother,
Its Because there is nothing to do – Dad is a little tougher and a little harder to excite.
 But hard is not impossible, and let me recommend you an original gift for father which is engraved leather wallet for men with picture,
 That it is both a very nice looking and practical gift to use in everyday life.
 On the wallet you can add a phrase like “Dear Father, we all love you”,
 And on the other hand, you can add a picture of Dad with you or the whole family,
 Whatโ€™s better than a practical gift that will use it and also go everywhere with it, leaving your imprint on it?


13.The Perfect Christmas peresent

There are various events that we are occasionally invited to in the course of time,
  Some are people who are closer to us and some less so.
  Sometimes we have a New Year’s Eve dinner and sometimes we are invited to a housewarming,
  Sometimes a joyous event like the birth of a baby and sometimes a little less joyful event like a memorial to the deceased.
  In these cases, it is not popular to overwhelm with gifts but to buy something symbolic such as wine or flowers,
  And so as not to come empty-handed.
  I am attaching here a link of practical gifts if you are looking for ideas for different events.

14.3 Year Anniversary gifts

And of course when celebrating a year with partner it is accepted to do something extraordinary and combine small gifts with it.
  You can go for the scattered gift method (buy lots of small gifts and slowly indulge in the evening),
  Or buy one great gift that will do the job.
  True, I usually say that small gifts can be satisfied and there is no need to spend too much,
  But here you can also invest a little more if you wish to (if there is a possibility, of course),
  And surprise them big time!
  You can see lots of gift ideas for men and women here.

In so much events in our lives, we encounter situations where we ask if we should buy a gift and how much to invest?
  In quite a few of these cases it can also be just fine to reach empty handed and not always have to impress.
  Hope I helped you a bit in this article,
  And when you buy your next gift, you’ll be a little smarter.
  Thanks for reading so far and good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š

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