Gift Ideas for 11 Year old boys birthday

Its so exciting your little boy is celebrating his 11th birthday.
And now it’s time to surprise him with a creative and beautiful gift.
And of course, as a mother, you do not compromise and want the best for your child,
And so I decided to recommend you the most suitable gift I could find for him 😊

Moon Night light for a child’s bedroom that changes into 16 colors.
Children’s Night Lamp – Why is this gift so special?
The moonlight is printed using the world’s most advanced 3D technologies,
And actually this perfect ball-shaped lamp is based on the moon’s texture with the real craters (based on a true NASA photo).
Which kid is not a fan galaxy lover,the moon and the stars?

3D moon lamp night light 16 colors love you to the moon and back-2

Wait and that’s not all!

The colorful night light changes to 16 colors and is specifically designed to your child,
It comes with a remote control for easy switching between colors and different lighting modes (also suitable for reading a book),
Plus, it stands on high quality wooden stand and charging cable and it all comes in a fancy premium package that also includes lamp operating instructions (pretty simple … 😉).
This kind of gift will definitely inspire your child to celebrate his birthday watching the stars from his room.
But to be honest, all of this dosen’t count without a personal dedication from mom to her little boy ?
On the lamp you can add a dedication in the style of “To my lovely boy mom always with you 24/7”,
And on the other side, you can add your favorite photo together if you are looking for a gift with a photo.
All of this together will create for your child its most original gift that he was waiting for.

3D moon lamp night light galaxy

Let’s be honest,
I know there is no such gift that will keep your child enthusiastic forever.
And I’m also sure that you already bought countless gifts to your kid that only won “a moment of enthusiasm” and were now thrown into a corner of the room,
And in this case, I can’t guarantee you exactly how long he’ll be excited about your gift,
But I can assure you that he is going to be far more enthusiastic than any of the other gifts you have brought him by far.
And on the other hand, this gift is also practical and useful,
He can use it as a night lamp and it is also decorative for his room,
And if we added our own engraving on the moonlight – then we won the jackpot and received a symbolic emotional gift for your child.
If you were looking to surprise your child big time – now is your chance,
With our moonlight you can even buy yourself a few minutes of quiet a day when he will be so concentrated on the little moon you have took for them from the sky (and you too will have some time to rest).
Good luck!

take me to store!

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