Engraved bracelet for him and her

  We make it a 316L Titanium Stainless Steel Bracelet Set, Ceramic, Cubic Zirconia, and Magnets, which balance the best levels in the body and relieve fatigue. We use negative ion plating technology which makes these Engraved bracelets for him and her faded and shiny and remains anti-allergic.

king queen gold bracelets gift
  • Material: 316L Titanium Steel + Cubic Zirconia + Energy Magnets

This bracelet pair is made of the highest quality 316L titanium steel, using negative ion plating technology that never fades these bracelets and maintains shine, anti-allergy

  • Men Bracelet Size: Length: 21 cm, Width: 0.8 cm, Weight: 35 grams
  • Women Bracelet Size: Length: 20 cm, Width: 0.6 cm, Weight: 24 grams

Engraved Titanium His and Hers Couple Bracelets Set

 This engraved titanium, and we make our duet bracelets with an anti-allergy and never fade titanium steel. We can customize it with name, date, and other symbols, including a heart symbol that makes it a perfect gift for married couples, best friends, girlfriend, and boyfriend. (The mentioned price is for some bracelets (one bracelet for man, one bracelet for a woman).

  • 20 cm rope Adjustable Length, rope wideness 0.3cm
  • Men Bracelet Ring Size: Diameter: 2.2 cm,               Width: 0.3 mm, Thickness: 0.15 cm
  • Women Bracelet Ring Size: Diameter: 1.9 cm,          Width: 0.3 mm, Thickness: 0.15 cm

Material: Original imported 316L Swiss Stainless Steel

  • We make this bracelet pair using the highest quality Swiss stainless steel, negative ion plating technology which never makes these bracelets fade and maintain shine, anti-allergy

Engraved Real Lock and Key Couples Bracelets Set for 2 Silver

 This engraved real lock and key pair bracelet set for 2 is made of anti-allergy sterling silver. We can adapt it to name, date or love expressions with special characters. It is an ideal gift for couples on special occasions such as valentines, anniversaries, anniversaries and promises/dedications. The mentioned price is for the bracelet (one for men and one for women).

  • Material: Sterling Silver + Leather Rope

We use this high-quality bracelet pair, Sterling Silver, negative ion plating technology, which never fades these bracelets and maintains shine, anti-allergy

  • Men bracelet length 24cm, Women bracelet length 22 cm

Her Buck and His Doe Leather Engraved Bracelet Set

             We engraved the classic Her Buck and their doe designs in this leather braided bracelet. You can choose leather with no color (of course) or rich brown color. It is available in three different wrist sizes to fit your needs! If you add a quantity to the cart you get both bracelets!

  • Small- 7″
  • Medium- 8″
  • Large- 9″
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