Do you really need fancy expensive wristwatch ?

“The luxury costs us dearly.”
Luxury watches for men and women are not cheap.
When we look for a wristwatch for a man or women’s watches,
We are quickly sticking to the big, well-known brands we know.
Brands such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Rolex and more have taken over the watch market we know today.
The big companies have taken on a kind of “monopoly” and raised prices from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars due to show off high quality,
But – what we pay for is really what we get ?

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Just before I continue – I want to clarify something.

If you are looking for a wristwatch of a well-known brand and are willing to invest thousands of dollars for it and you are satisfied – I am happy for you 😊.
This article is for people whose approach to the subject is a bit different – they like to wear a watch and understand that it is an everyday jewel, but they also understand that they should be realistic about the price and most likely they are willing to spend a few hundred off dollars on a watch but not go bankrupt.
They are looking for nice and cheap watches.

In today’s advanced technological world, it’s important that we stop looking after luxury watches at all costs,
And we’ll start paying attention to the little details we pay for.
Not everyone is looking for a diamond-studded watch or a 5-year warranty when looking for a holiday watch,
After all – be sure that this is reflected in your price.
When you see a watch in a watch store or at an online watch company, it is important to ask yourself – if you took the same watch and changed the brand name, how much did you think it would cost?

Premium ED men Women Unisex watch black gold silver-30

Some of us are really aware of the issue and willing to pay for the brand – but some are unaware that sometimes we pay twice for the value of the watch because of the brand that showing on the hand watch.
Once we understand this, we have already taken the first step to smart and economical buying.
The next thing to pay attention to is what exactly you pay for, and it refers to the technical specifications of the watch.
If I ask you what is the previous watch material you bought – will you really know how to answer it?
What is the type of mechanism that activates it?
Don’t let the big brands take advantage of your lack of knowledge – when it comes to wristwatches, the prices can reach tens of thousands of dollars and when it comes to luxury watches in particular, ownership is transferred (or at least that’s what I heard if I’m wrong).
If you are interested in the subject I have written a detailed article about how to choose a wrist watch correctly.

Gif ED Alpha Watch

If you are considering purchasing a watch online

Whether it is a famous well known brand or not – it has its advantages and of course it has its drawbacks (which you can avoid if you are smart enough).
Among the main benefits of buying online is that you can avoid the traffic and traffic jams you had to pass on your way to the physical store,
Apart from that, of course, there is no need to get off the couch and everything can be done with the click of a button, and due to the online low costs, the online stores sometimes offer a lower cost in their online shop rather than their physical store.

On the other hand, there are also the drawbacks you need to pay attention to.
The main disadvantage is that at the time of buying the product the wristwatch is not really physically in your eyes, so the pictures you see may not be perfectly reflecting the product you will receive.
Pay close attention to the technical specifications – what is the watch made of? What is the level of water resistance?
What is the type of mechanism and what is the diameter of the watch?
The watch may be too big on your hand (in terms of diameter), so it’s important to pay attention to these cases to avoid any unpleasantness.
I would strongly suggest not purchasing from an online store that does not provide images from all angles,
So You can really see what it looks like from every corner, what type of bracket is, and what type of strap.

Premium ED men Women Unisex watch black gold silver-18 gif

If so, you have decided to purchase online

And you decided you really wanted to get decent value for your money,
We at ED have developed a line of cheap watches for men and watches for women that you can enjoy at low prices alongside attractive style.
We put a lot of thought into the Low cost design especially, and we brought only the unique designs for men and women in the selection of best-selling colors and created beautiful watches for men and beautiful watches for women.
From a selection of men’s watches and women’s watches from ED you can choose watches on offer including:

A new decade is at our door step,
And today’s state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing allows us here at ED to provide you with the same quality you are used to from the big brands, at one-third to half the price of the big brands.
Water resistant watches are made of stainless steel and of course with a warranty mechanism so you can be calm and rest assured you are in good hands 😊

And one last tip from me

If you already buy a branded watch,
Ask yourself if you would pay the same amount on the same watch exactly if it was from another manufacturer – if the answer is no – I rest my case.
Don’t chase after luxury at all costs and go easy on your pocket – after all it’s just a piece of jewelry so take it easy.
Thats all for today and have fun shopping 😊
By the way – if you are looking for mens watch and bracelet set click here.

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