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Plasma lighters are cool to keep gadgets on and off for gifts. Can be a good choice, regardless if the person is actually for is not smoking. They offer more benefits than classic lighters. Nonetheless also have some disadvantages. If happen to be wondering what these advantages and disadvantages are, here is really a list of important benefits.

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Pros of plasma lighters

Windproof: Custom electric lighter is flameless and any plasma arc to light a cigarette or almost anything different. This is actually quite a plus, and basically for people that want to light a cigarette on a windy day. An arc lighter can be very useful if you have to light a campfire quickly during a hike when weather is not exactly friendly.

Easy to recharge, no fluid required: It’s not that a rechargeable butane or methane lighter is difficult to load. However, to charge, you need a special tank or container with the appropriate liquid, which may not always be available. Plasma lighters are battery operated. Some of the latest models also have USB charging ports that you can charge on your computer. Some of them also have a battery indicator, e.g. B. a Smartphone so you know when your lighter is almost empty. Most firefighters can light up to 4 packs of cigarettes or more with a fully charged battery.

Much safer: Butane lighters are actually flammable gas containers that can break or leak and lead to an unfortunate accident. Most plasma lighters not only contain non-combustible gas but also have safety features that prevent an arc from forming when the lid is closed. In addition, a normal lighter that creates a large flame can be dangerous. Anything nearby, including your hair or clothing, can catch fire immediately if the lighter doesn’t work properly. This is never the case with plasma lighter.

Cons of electric lighters:

Lighting surface is pretty small: This may not be the case with all plasma arc models, but some of them produce a fairly small arc. To light, a cigarette, turn it a little so that all the clues catch fire.

High pitch sound: All of these lighters produce a sound when lit. In some cases, there may be a soft electrical buzz, in other cases a sharp beep. Some may find it annoying.

Electronic Spark) Lighter: The electronic igniter is the only difference from the original flame lighter. The technical name is a piezoelectric igniter that uses the principle of piezoelectricity (the electrical charge that accumulates in certain solids).

Fuel Components

  • Butane
  • Electronic Spark

Electronic Spark Lighter Tips: Pull apart the lighter and use the clickable electronic device to give small electric shock to people.

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