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If you’ve arrived here, you or you are probably looking to surprise your partner with personal bracelets as a gift,
And I would love to give you some ideas and a variety of bracelets to choose from,
We will direct you to the perfect arm bracelet for your next gift.

A gift bracelet is a great gift idea for several reasons,
And the main among them is the cheap prices available, the symbolism of the gift that strengthens the relationship between you and the recipient of the gift and of course the gift accompanies him everywhere.
In addition, it is a surprise that fits any occasion – from the Valentine’s Day to birthday or celebrations for a year together.

Couple bracelets:

When it comes to bracelets one of the great ideas is to purchase a double set with complementary engraving,
This means, for example, a pair of silver / gold / black bracelets of your choice, with her king / his queen engraved on it, so you can go together everywhere with his and hers bracelets and complete not only each other sentences, but also the style.

king queen bracelets black rose gold gifts couples

Engraved bracelet:

If you’re a little less connected to matching couple bracelets, don’t worry.
A custom engraving bracelet will make it right,
Whether you are looking for a name or date engraving bracelet, engraving in English or a beautiful phrase from a song your girlfriend loves, just about anything you are looking for is acceptable.
All you have to do is pick your boyfriend’s favorite color and surprise him with an engraving bracelet, which of course never fade and engraved at the highest level in the world using advanced laser technologies and waterproof engrave (the bracelet is made of stainless steel = water resistant).
The key advantage of stainless steel versus a 925 silver bracelet is that stainless steel never rust,
Compared to the 925 silver bracelet, it can be returned to its original color, but there is no reason for unnecessary makeover when you have the second option that in most cases is also cheaper.
Just to make it clear – both materials are water resistant, but one blackens after a certain time and the other does not (our bracelets).


Leg bracelets – rope bracelets

If you’re a little less attached to the concept of silver and gold bracelets, it’s fine,
I have something a little gentle for you.
A pair of rope bracelets that comes with a woman’s key charm and a man’s heart charm,
Allowing you a slightly more delicate style of a royal set where you can complement each other and of course the price is cheaper than most bracelets you’ll see outside.
You can put the set on your leg or on the hand – its your choice,
And receive the black bracelets for both or black and white,
while the woman gets the black and white for man.

king queen bracelet black

Whether you are looking for a gold bracelet with engraving for a man or woman or a bit more gentle bracelets,
We have what you are looking for in our gift shop.
All you have left is to pick your favorite set and add your own personal engraving,
Good luck 😊

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