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There are situations in life that we do not know how to approach and whether or not to bring a gift.
  For example, if you and your Girlfriend are dating only a week or two and she celebrates her birthday,
  There goes the question should I Bring a gift or not?
  On the one hand if we Spend too much time and money picking a gift we can look a bit “too much”,
  And on the other hand, coming empty hands is also not the best option,
  So what should we do in such cases?

Just to sum it up – Small symbolic gifts.
  The right way for me to approach these situations is with the help of small couple gifts. Many people don’t know what symbolic gift ideas mean. 
  This is how you find the perfect balance between “Hey I remembered your birthday and I want to make you happy” and “I’m not too pushy with too much of a gift” πŸ˜‰.

The perfect gift I would recommend for such situations is a wooden photo keychain with a two-sided personalized image.
  There is nothing out there like a keychain as a small, symbolic gift with meaning,
  She will go with your gift everywhere and that will remind her how much you love and appreciate her and it will strengthen the bond between you,
  And on the other hand, it won’t be too “big” and of course it’s a cheap gift so there’s that.

gift personalizes keychains with picture

Since we are dealing with gifts with pictures we offer a cool keychain with engraving,
  Giving you the opportunity to order a 100% custom wood keychain,
  And on one side to add your image together and on the other to add the image you choose,
  This can be a personal dedication, in any language, your name or whatever comes to your mind.
  Unlike other key printing sites, we do keychain engraving,
  And the main difference is that the engraving we will make for you will never and of course its water ressistant so rest assured.

couple gifts engraved customized keychain name

Another type of keychain that I want to talk about is a couple keychain.
  It is an English engraved keychain on which is inscribed “her king / his queen” and they of course come in a double set.
  This keychain does not come with a photo and personal design,
  But he certainly has a surprise at a different angle if you get caught up in the idea.
  These king and queen keychains are also water resistant and made of stainless steel so that in terms of quality you can be calm,
  And they come in a variety of colors for you to choose from gold / silver / black so that you are free to choose your partner’s favorite color (at least you must know that 😊).


Remember that in complex situations the small gifts for men and women will save you,
  Use them wisely 😊
  And, of course, you can lower your budget,
  Because with some original thinking outside the box – your partner will be grateful and excited with minimal investment on your part.

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