Beautiful quotes for her

Finding the right words to express such a deep feeling of love is not easy. In these cases we rely on the experiences of many writers, poets, artists and historical figures who preceded us and who in their own way found words of love that left their mark over time. Below is a full selection of the most beautiful love quotes for him, used at every opportunity to express a little of what we feel in our hearts.

Beautiful quotes for her

Most Beautiful quotes for her

  1. “Your sight, your one word, tells me more than all the wisdom in the world.” –Eden
  2. “Because I love you, my loneliness is throwing stones at you.” –Eden
  3. “Millions and millions of years will still not give me enough time to describe the little moment of eternity in which you hugged me and I will hug you.” –Eden
  4. “Love discovers the sweetness of discovering oneself, surprisingly the joy of keeping oneself close.” –Eden
  5. “We women always misrepresent men. When they say, ‘I love you,’ we go crazy. Understand, I love you” –Eden
  6. “You are everything i was looking for before i knew what i was looking for” –Eden
  7. “Love happens when you can’t sleep because reality is better than your dreams in the end”  –Eden
  8. “You remind me of a poem that I don’t remember a song that never existed and a place where I never was.”  –Eden
  9. “Remember your feminine status. Don’t ask, don’t beg, don’t humiliate yourself. Take courage, join us and fight. “–Eden
  10. “A woman’s heart is as funny as a drop of water on a lotus leaf.” –Eden
  11. “When a woman has secrets to hide, she becomes more beautiful than ever.” –Eden
  12. “Women’s stupidity is smarter than men’s.” –Eden
  13. “When a woman says something is good, a man should be careful and not trust her.” –Eden
  14. “The real evolution of the sensitive woman is that she doesn’t stop getting hurt. It is impossible. It’s about hurting without changing the plan. “–Eden
  15. “If you want, take my bread, take it off the wind, but don’t take your smile away from me.”–Eden
  16. “When women specialize in deduction, no one knows how much trouble they are capable of causing.” –Eden
  17. “The most beautiful love is that which awakens the soul and seeks to take us to the heights, that which ignites your heart and brings peace to our minds.” –Eden
  18. “I thank you for loving me, for your eyes when I couldn’t see, for parting my lips when I can’t breathe. Thank you for loving me, thank you for loving me.” –Eden
  19. “A woman remains a woman until she dies, but a man remains a man as long as he is capable of it.” –Eden
  20. “The greatest joy that love can bring is to shake the hand of the woman you love for the first time.” –Eden
  21. “I kiss you as you are and how you will live tomorrow and beyond and when my time passes.” –Eden
  22. “You are still there, still and only you, are still at your fingertips amidst my heroic wishes and your face is still on someone else’s face and I’m still about to face you at sea I think.” –Eden
  23. “A beautiful woman can be painted like a totem, a queen, a sphinx, a goddess, but as a woman.” –Eden
  24. “Happy are the women in whom femininity is sometimes a gift of foresight for the confidence that man does not dare to put in them!” –Eden
  25. “Some women can be deceived every time, and all women can be deceived a few times, but the same man cannot deceive the same woman more than half the time.” –Eden
  26. “Of course every woman knows that the man she loves is a beast, but unfortunately that’s one of the reasons she loves him.” –Eden
  27. “Women’s hearts are small, trembling in the wind of joy and the rage of the storm.” –Eden
  28. “If my eyes see your face like the last horizon, death will be sweet, and if it is, I am born a thousand times to die a thousand times.” –Eden
  29. “Today is another page of our wonderful story together and tomorrow will be another wonderful story to write together. Good night i love you Love Quotes: The Most Beautiful to Say Good Night My Love.” –Eden
  30. “When I saw you, the one who was trembling with love ran away from my back and my heart started beating fast! For me it was love at first sight!” –Eden
  31. “Love, love madness, love as much as you can and if they tell you it is a sin, love your sin and you will be innocent” –Eden
  32. “You are like a high wave inside me that disappears and carries you away ” –Eden
  33. “Love is a beautiful flower, but one should dare to hold it by the side of a puff.” –Eden
  34. “I just want to say that I love you and I’m really sorry for what happened to your parents. Please give me a chance to explain.” –Eden
  35. “This time of mine continues with you, after so much noise unexpectedly peace you are good water in the upper part of the shield, a railing to rest your heart.” –Eden
  36. “Time is too slow for those who wait, too fast for those who fear, too long for those who suffer too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love time is eternal.” –Eden
  37. “When you love, you discover in yourself so much pride, so much sweetness, so much love, that you don’t even believe that you know how to love.” –Eden
  38. “Maybe it’s when a hurricane hits a volcano, all I know is that I love you so much that you have to leave now.” –Eden
  39. “For the world you can only be one person, but for one person you can be the world.” –Eden
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