3D Moon Night lamp – Next Generation Gifts

3D Moon Night lamp – Next Generation Gifts

Whenever we search for a gift for our boyfriend or girlfriend,
 We are looking for unique present.
 Well … you know, such a gift they haven’t seen yet,
 So to speak – I have a huge idea for a crazy gift out of the box (literally).
 Sure it sounds clichéd when you tell her you’re ready to take the moon down for her
 But with the next idea there is a chance you can really do it for her.

At ED we developed the Moon lamp night lamp,
 The palm of a hand-sized three-dimensional moon that changes into 16 colors,
 And it comes with a remote control and a wooden stand that you can place in the corner of the room,
 And By the way, it is all Wrapped up In a special gift box just for you.

3D moon lamp night light 16 colors blank moon

And if all that is not enough then wait,
 Because now come the cherry on the whipped cream.
 For the finalle and just to make it the perfect gift,
 We can also add our engrave to your gift.
Which means we can add your photo on the moon plus a personal dedication you choose,
 And make the moon for you personally.

gift customized 3D moon lamp

Sounds like a Unique gift right?
 You probably ask where the kach,
 Well … obviously it should cost a little more than most gifts,
 For the simple reason that we polish and shape every moon for 28 hours of production!
 Yes, it is certainly not simple and good things need to be invested a little more.
 But for next-generation gifts – we’re sure you’ll say the price is a joke 🙂

3D moon lamp night light love you to the moon and back

Our moons are only made from green and environmentally friendly materials,
Because with all due respect to the moon – we should take care also to our planet.
 And one thing is certain – as a gift to your loved ones – is the perfect choice.
 If you are interested, I attached a link to the product page on our site,
 so You can take a look at the next perfect gift for your man or girlfriend.
So what are you waiting for?

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