3D led colorful night light with picture

Many times I am being asked “Eden what is the most beautiful gift to you?”
And as a gifts’ maestro, it’s like asking me “Which kid do you love most?”
Answer that is pretty hard for you to answer, agree?
So the thing is – not to me 😉.
We do offer a wide variety of gifts, but my favorite is a bedroom night light,
And for some major reasons:

Our night lights are suitable for all ages from young to old and for every occasion.

With such a wide variety, we offer LED night light in various shapes and figures.
Whether you were looking for an original gift for Valentine’s Day or were you looking for a birthday gift for 11 year old boy,
Among the wide variety you can find a night lamp in the form of a star, heart, moon and a variety of personal designs.
We also offer superhero lamps like SpiderMan night light, sports cars,
Book lamps, a guitar-shaped night lamp for music lovers, a night-light with an emblem as a commander’s gift for military retirement gifts, football teams and a wide variety.


Switches to 7 colors and a variety of alternating modes.

Our Colorful night lights come with colorful alternating LED lighting that will take care of the lighting in the bedroom next to your child’s bed or the recipient’s or even your own,
And you can enjoy pleasant dreams alongside your favorite picture that illuminates you in an intimate and gentle light and is also suitable for reading a book.

night lamp gif

Easy and simple to operate

Powered with a USB cable and no batteries needed.
From a wide variety of symbolic gifts, there are some that are slightly more complicated to operate,
I am sure that as a mature person you will have no problem lighting a night lamp,
But when it comes to gifting a small child this benefit as you can witness the lamp’s very simple operation.
Our lamps are powered by a USB cable or AA batteries (batteries) of your choice, and from there it’s just a matter of pushing a button.

Custom designed night lamp, What do you think?

If you are more into personalization of a custom night light then you can be calm, this is what we do too and in fact it is our highlight,
You choose your favorite photo and add a dedication / date or whatever suits you,
And we make sure you design everything through a strict Photoshop and background removal for perfect lamp that changes to 7 colors.
So you can actually adjust the lamp for anyone – partner, child, baby, dad, mother, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother and more.


And these are just the main reasons why I recommend night lamps,
From such a wide variety – I am sure you will find the one that’s right for you.
Good luck 😊

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