25 Gift Ideas For Men | Gifts for women

25 Gift Ideas For Men | Gifts for women

Many times in our lives there is the time to spoil our lovers with favorite gifts for couples and in special dates or anniversary.
 Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Family Day, and many more special dates – after all, love is a gift and we love to buy and spend when it comes to the love and appreciation.

The number one problem with buying a gift is finding that original gift that will excite them,
and to be so special for your special ones.
 So in this article, I’ve put together a fair number of gift ideas for men and women,
 And of course we will try to be as original as possible.

1.personalized night light

A custom-made night lamp is a great gift idea for any occasion and any date.
 The idea is that you add the picture you want and a special date or even a funny sentence or your favorite line from your favorite song,
 And from now on we take care of the rest and make you a colorful night lamp that changes to 7 colors which can be the most original gift for any occasion.
 Your image is proccessed by us throught photoshop and background removal so we get the best result as possible,
All that is left for you is just to send us the picture through the website and write down the sentence and your lamp is already on its way to you 😊

Customized heart night lamp couple gift

2.Engraved Phone Case

We provide personalized gifts and in particular engrave photos on products,
 And among all the rest you can find another bestseller on our site and it is the personal designed wooden phone case we offer.
 The idea is similar to the designed night lamp,
 You choose your phone model,then upload a picture and write a sentence / date and from there we will take care about the rest.
 Needless to say, here too, your image is proccessed with Photoshop and background removal so you can be amazed by the result of your engrave 😉.

self customized phone case gifts engrave-4

3.3D moon night light

The hottest trend in the world and manufactured by us,
 A moon-shaped ball lamp that switches to 16 colors and comes in a fancy case with the whole package together.
You receive the colorful lamp with remote control, high quality wooden stand, moon charging USB cable and instructions for use.
What is so special about this lamp is that it is created based on an original NASA image with the real craters of the moon, and above the surface you can add your own dedication and personal image.
 Each such lamp undergoes intensive polishing and photoshop, and is manufactured using green and environmentally-friendly materials imported from the United States and printed in three-dimensional printing that takes about 28 hours per lamp.

3D Customized Moon lamp night light gift picture-3

4.Watch set and bracelet for woman

Great idea if you were looking for a gift for girlfriend.
 Her favorite color watch and bracelet can do the job,
 Of course you have to pay attention to the strap type and think about whether she will like this type of watch,
 If it fits close to her style in terms of diameter (some people like thin strap watches and some prefer wider strap watches),
 And I would recommend consulting her friend if possible.

Premium ED watch bracelet bundle set men women watch-gif-1

5.Set of watch and bracelet for men

The same goes for 😊

Alpha ED Premium watch & Bracelet

6.Your name Bracelets

A most classic gift,
 An engraved bracelet with your name or date or even a quote is always a cool gift.
 The bracelets go with us everywhere and symbolize a strong bond between you,
 And of course most of them fit by hand size and come in a variety of designs and colors to suit everyone.


7.Giant bear 2 meter

If you’re really looking for a huge surprise to your Girlfriend – the classic gift is of course a giant 2 meter bear.
 This big,hugging bear is definitely a gift that will occupy her whole room.
 I recommend that you choose the color of the bear that will fit it best in her room.


8.Keychain with picture

There’s nothing like a symbolic gift like a personalized keychain with your photo,
 Or you can also add your date / sentence as a gift to your loved one,
 Small gifts like custom keychains go everywhere with you and are a perfect idea for a cheap and economical gift,
 And yet with a high sentimental value.

customized keychain gifts

9.Royal crown bracelet 14k plating

Our recommended Premium Gold bracelet is a luxury gift for women and also luxury gift for men.
 The bracelet comes with high quality AAA zirconia and 14k gold plating with a crown of kings,
 Because your lover deserves the best.
 The bracelet is completely elegant and fits according to the size of the wrist (rope bracelet) so you don’t have to worry about the size either.
 This gold bracelet for men is made by ED brand,
 And you can also find it in black, silver, and rose gold colors.

Gift ED Bracelet Crown 14k gold plated silver black rose-2

10.Couple Shirts for summer

surprise your loved ones with matching shirts,
 Which comes in black / white with the king / queen and fancy crown,
 To get everyone’s eyes out as you walk down the street hand in hand.


11.Couple shirts for winter

The same goes for winter only,
Oh, and they come in red, blue, and black.


12.Couples Necklaces

Set of necklaces for men and necklaces for women,
Whether you are looking for silver or gold necklaces,
You can find your favorite set in our site,
With a royal King Queen engraving and fancy crowns,
And the necklaces come in a variety of colors like silver, black and gold.


13.Engraved Electric Lighter

Forget about Zippo lighter and Turbo lighter,
The famous trend today is an endless electric lighter.
This lighter comes with an original box and USB lighter cable that charges it repeatedly so it will be the last lighter you buy for the near future.
If you were looking for a gift for smoker then a plazma lighter is a gift idea for a friend and loved one, if he smokes.
Oh and you can add a funny dedication to him on the lighter like “You turn me on.” 😉


14.Name Necklace

What do you say about a necklace with her name as a gift,
This is not a Goldfilled necklace but a higher quality,
And it comes to your personal choice:
Whether a gold name necklace (14k gold plating) or a silver name necklace (925 silver)
Hence it is a matter of choosing which color he/she will love more.

Gifts Self Customized Name Necklace-7

15.personalized leather wallet

Buying a leather wallet for your man is an original gift for any date and occasion.
If you were looking to buy a gift for a man who has everything or a gift for a man’s birthday, a small or large wallet is a great option.
On the wallet you can add an engraving of a picture,
And on the other side a comic phrase like: “Till the Last Buck.”

self customized engraved wallet gift for men

16.Engraved heart necklace

Gold heart or silver heart necklace – this is what you decide.
But you have to think about that idea,
Even if it’s a gift for a woman who has everything,
This necklace is always an original gift for a woman so you should consider it.



What gift with a photo would be more classic than the Dreamblock with our engraving?
This is one of the most popular gifts and you can take it any way you want:
 Even if it’s an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, a gift for husband, a preschooler’s gift, a gift for father, a gift for mother or a gift to a loved one or whatever comes to your mind.
Upload a picture, write down your sentence, and you’ll get your own exciting block very soon!

gifts self customized wooden block

18.Couples Rings

True, we haven’t started selling wedding rings or engagement rings yet,
But our rings are still cool and affordable for every pocket!
Our rings are for man and woman,
And come as a matching double set!
Silver rings or gold rings – you decide that,
One thing for sure – we have it 😊


19.Couples Watches

A set of double watches for the king and the other for the queen,
Because your time is worth more when you’re together 😊


20.Couples Keychains

Small gifts already said?
Designed keychain for a pair of colored king and queen of your choice!
True,it is not a keychain with personal engraving,
But if you were looking for a gift for wife, then consider that too.


21.Watches for men | Watches for Women

If your girlfriend or boyfriend love to wear wristwatch for a man or a wristwatch for a woman, then here’s another gift for you.
When you come to choose a watch you have to consider a few parameters: budget, watch diameter, strap type, mechanism type, water resistance and color.
We at ED have developed a brand watch for men and women which is on the one hand very cheap,
And on the other hand high quality and in designs that everyone loves.

Gif ED Alpha Watch

22.A Star of David necklace for men

A gold Star of David necklace is classic when we talk about a men’s gift.
 The necklace comes in 14k gold plated or comes in 925 silver,
 And on the chain can be added engraving of certain names or greetings.
 On the chain you can add 3 words to your personal engraving,
 A common engraving to add on the chain is: “Bless the Lord.”

23.Decorated decorative pillows

While we do not print on pillows (yet),
you’ll be impressed by our royal pillow set,
With the inscription “King and Queen” and of course with the fancy crowns.

king queen pillows couples gifts

24.”Love you to the moon and back” moon lamp

Remember the 3D moon lamp from earlier?
 Great – this time I wanted to recommend a certain sentence.
 The lamp comes in the shape of the moon as you already know,
 But with the phrase “Love you to the moon and back.”
 I just wanted to recommend her because I really like this sentence 🙂

3D moon lamp night light 16 colors love you to the moon and back-2

25.Galaxy Moon Lamp

And last but not least is the same lady with a slight change.
 We took the classic moonlight and brought it from another angle – of a galaxy.
 For star lovers, this can be the perfect gift!

3D moon lamp night light 16 colors galaxy-3

Remember that the gift you give leaves your mark,
So remember to surprise your loved ones with your best.
You can see the complete gift catalog on our site in the gift category for men and women.

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